Evaporative Cooling



Evaporative Cooling
Be cool with Cool-Space
Cool-Space Evaporative Coolers are highly efficient portable evaporative coolers able to deliver great temperature drops in highly humid climates with very little electricity.
How it Works
The fan draws hot, drier air through the thick wet cooling media. As water evaporates into the passing air, it displaces the heat in the air.
Features and Benefits

✅ Four standard fan sizes: 45 cm, 45 cm, 90 cm & 127 cm units with variable speed or 2 speed; providing cooling for areas from 110 m² to 600 m²
✅ Tough, UV resistant, durable roto-moulded polyethylene housing
✅ Edge coated, 20 cm thick cooling media for durability and performance
✅ 33% more cooling surface than the standard 15 cm media
✅ Protective surface extends media life, reducing long term maintenance
✅ Large, built-in water reservoirs for up to 8 hours of stand-alone use
✅ Equipped with automatic low water shut off pumps
✅ Drain plug on all models for easy water removal
✅ Swivel, locking casters for easy manoeuvring
✅ Built to last, ensuring long term dependability
✅ Standard electrical outlet and a garden hose or portable supply tank are the only requirements for use
✅ UL, ETL and CE approved

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