Peter Bird Sheetmetals

Where it all started…Peter Bird Sheetmetals was an existing company which one of our current shareholders bought into. The name Peter Bird Sheetmetals was kept for some time as it was well known.


In 1994 the same 2 shareholders from Peter Bird Sheetmetals renamed the company Colville Mechanical Limited, commonly referred to as CML, as one of the shareholders had the surname ‘Colville’. By 2007 the company had grown and had 5 shareholders

Colville Mechanical Limited

Metal Dynamics

In 2013 the decision was made to rename the company more inline with who we are and what we do. Our air conditioning side of the business was renamed ‘Air Dynamics’ and the workshop/fabrication side was renamed ‘Metal Dynamics’. Both sides of the business work together simultaneously and complement each other.

Metal Dynamics has grown and continues to do so, constantly offering more services and striving to be at the top of the mechanical engineering industry.

The Process

The Process


We have a friendly and creative team who would be keen to assist you with the design of your project. Whether you have a clear idea on what you want or not we are here to help. We are capable of modelling projects both in 2D and 3D to help you visualize your design before we start the next stage.


Our Fibre Laser Cutter is able to cut carbon steel sheets, stainless steel sheets and aluminium sheets. It has a positioning accuracy of ±0.05mm and a re-positioning accuracy of ±0.05mm with a maximum moving speed of 100m/min both on the x and y axis.


Our highly skilled fabrication team, combined with our impressive equipment, will fold, twist, drill, polish and weld the cut sheet metal in order to perfectly assemble the finished product. When they come across a challenge with the design, our experienced team always has a creative and effective solution.


Equally as skilled as our fabrication team, our installation team is able to deliver or erect the project on site safely and to what you envisioned. It is important to us that every step throughout the process is done according to what you conceptualised and requested.

Let's work together

From general engineering and fabrication work to full design, installation and maintenance of HVAC systems.