Korean BBQ


130 The Square
Palmerston North City, New Zealand

GAON : Korean BBQ Restaurant

This was a design and build project. Scope of works includes providing fresh air, a kitchen hood extract, bathroom extract, air conditioning and individual extracts on each table for when customers want to cook their food.

It is always special when a project showcases the aesthetics and functionality of mechanical ventilation. Gaon: Korean Barbecue Restaurant is truly one of those special projects.

This is the first authentic Korean barbecue restaurant to open in Palmerston North. A Korean barbecue is the method of grilling meat on a gas or charcoal grill on the dining table itself. Therefore, in order to avoid smoke filling up the restaurant each table was designed to have their own extract that would engulf all the smoke before it spreads or accumulates in the space. With the extract on each table sucking the smoke there is a fresh air supply fan that supplies clean air to the dining area and the kitchen. 

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